JSON API With Google Drive & IFTTT

After seeing several articles/demos of, mainly, Dribbble and Instagram photo galleries using Google Drive and IFTTT (which is awesome in case you’re not familiar with it).

I decided to try it out myself, but rather than build a photo gallery I wanted my fantasy football league’s website to be automically updated with every new transaction (add/drop/trade), and believe it or not it’s actually even easier than it sounds.

This is how it turned out:

The League's New Transactions using a JSON API

To get started all you have to do is use any of the Yahoo Fantasy Sports & Google Drive recipe’s similar to the one I created.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports & Google Drive Recipe on IFTTT

Wait for the recipe to be triggered — this creates your new spreadsheet:

Google Drive Spreadsheet

Open your newly created spreadsheet and go to: File > Publish to Web. You’ll then be provided with an HTML version of your spreadsheet along with it’s URL. Copy the URL below and replace INSERT-KEY with your spreadsheet’s key given to you in the public HTML URL:


Viola! You’re able to access your spreadsheet’s data via JSON. Now you can use the URL you just created to write some simple jQuery & HTML to make them play nicely together.

Here’s a look at mine (excuse the ugly data names):

jQuery to Access Google Drive Data

HTML for Google Drive Data

That’s it. Easy, fast, and pretty awesome. You can see it in action over at my fantasy football league’s website.