Mailbox for OS X Betacoins


The long awaited beta release of Mailbox for Mac has finally come to an end. While the Android and iOS versions of Mailbox have each been available for quite some time we’ve had to wait on its release to the desktop world.However, the “Public Beta” is more like Public Beta_ish_ because in order to use Mailbox’s new Mac app you’re going to need, what Mailbox is calling, a Betacoin - WTF is a Betacoin? - and I have several of these Betacoins to spare. So, if you’re in need and want to give Mailbox a shot just shoot me an email @ or get in touch with me on twitter at @wad3g.

So what is Mailbox anyway?

Mailbox's New Desktop App for Mac Mailbox is an email client that was aquired by Dropbox back in March 2013. The purpose, or goal, Mailbox is aiming for is to change the way you use, and think about, email by transforming your inbox into an “Orchestra To-Do” list - turn your email’s inbox into an actual productivity tool. Or as the Mailbox team puts it:

We’ve created a mobile-first email experience from the ground up — challenging assumptions about how email works and redesigning the inbox for a world on the go.

You can read more about Mailbox’s new desktop app from the reviews over on The Verge and TechCrunch.

Anyway, if you need a Betacoin just let get in touch with me. Godspeed.