Fix Dropbox on Android L Dev Preview

I’ve been using the Android L Developer Preview as my daily driver since Google released the L Preview Image for my Nexus 5 at Google I/O just several days ago.

Nova Launcher Beta has since been updated adding Android L Support, Battery Percent for KitKat is working great, and now we’ve even got a fully functioning Titanium Backup (download the latest test 2 build here). Everything’s was working great – except Dropbox.

One last thing before I being – make sure you have root/su. I won’t go into that, but vomer has all the files and a many FAQ’s already answered in his thread over at XDA.

How To Fix Dropbox on Android L Developer Preview

  1. Download Root Explorer from the Play Store (one of my favorite Android apps).

  2. In Root Explorer navigate to: sdcard/Android/data/ and delete the folder.

  3. Next go to your device’s root directory (/) and go to: /data/system/ and delete the dropbox folder.

Just for safe keeping I booted into recovery and to wipe dalvik and cache, rebooted, reinstalled Dropbox and it’s been working smoothly ever since.

Note: In case you don’t have root access and still want easy access to your Dropbox files there’s a free version of Root Explorer in the Play Store. You can add a Dropbox tab within the file manager and access your file’s this way as well.