The Overreaction to Samsung, Tizen and Android

Samsung's Gear 2 Product Line

With Samsung’s recent announcement of the Tizen powered Gear 2 product line there’s’ been a number of articles floating around regarding Samsung’s future with Android (Google). Let’s discuss why Samsung isn’t leaving Android anytime in the near future.

Samsung continues to show interest in their open source, linux-based operating system, Tizen, and while Samsung may ultimately wish to leave Android (Google) in the future it doesn’t seem like a feasible option anytime soon.

What’s holding Samsung back from going “all in” on Tizen? The most obvious answer is Google. Google provides a large, mature, ecosystem in Android along side it’s apps and services - the real moneymaker. This package of Google’s apps, services, and ecosystem is what attracts many OEMs to Android as opposed to other options such as Windows Phone, Sailfish OS, or Tizen. Now, if you remove Google from the equation you’d be removing all of their apps and services (Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google’s Play Store), as well as all the top rated apps like Instagram, Twitter, Dropbox, etc..

What does exactly does this mean? It would require Samsung to start from scratch building a new ecosystem and at the same time throwing Tizen into an already crowded pool of company’s fighting for mobile market share. Samsung would need to be extremely attractive to developers to port their apps to another OS, which has been extremely difficult for Microsoft thus far, would need to build a maps database, and various other services for Tizen’s new ecosystem, unless they prefer to piggyback off existing services from the likes of Amazon and Microsoft.

Right now I’d say Samsung’s doing quite well in their relationship with Android, and while I’m not a fan of their products’ the idea of them abandoing Android right now doesn’t make much sense. However, whenever the time does come for Samsung and Android to split-up Samsung will be well prepared, but that time won’t be happening anytime soon.