From Windows to OS X - Apps I Use

I, like many others, was a long time Windows user. When I was younger I was into PC gaming (Call of Duty 2 the GOAT?), and not until recently did I ever even contemplate switching to OS X. Well six months ago that changed when I bought my first MacBook Pro. Since it’s been 6 months since I made the switch I’ll share some apps that I’ve truly grown to love.

Note: I’ll never go back to Windows.

Alfred 2 may be the single greatest app of all time. Alfred’s free to use, but I highly recommend purchasing Alfred’s Powerpack to unlock Alfred workflows . My hotkey is Double-tap Option and this app will change the way you use your computer. Here are some Alfred workflow resources:

Alfred 2 Colors Workflow

Alfred 2 Process Killer Workflow

Alfred Resources

You can get the two workflows from the screenshots above on Github:

  • Colors: A CSS color conversion workflow with Color Picker support.
  • Process Killer: Easily find and kill any misbehaving processes.

Bartender - Mac Menu Bar Organization

I use Bartender to help keep my menu bar organized. Apps that I don’t access on a day-to-day basis, but still use occasionally, I have in Bartender’s menu. These apps include:

The remaining apps on my menu bar are as follows:

  • Caffine: Prevents your Mac from sleeping, dimming the screen, or starting screensavers.
  • Dropbox: Needs no explantion.
  • Anvil for Mac: Helps you manage local websites by using (See screenshot below)
  • iTerm 2: A better terminal for Mac.
  • MAMP PRO: Local web server environment that includes includes Apache, MySQL, and PHP for OS X.
  • Sublime Text 3: My favorite text editor.
  • Google Chrome Canary: If you build websites you have to live on the bleeding edge.
  • Transmit 4: Feature filled FTP/SFTP client that allows you to transfer files to the cloud Amazon S3, WebDav, or event mount to your Mac.

How Anvil & MAMP Pro Make Local Development A Breeze

Anvil for Mac

Anvil for Mac Local Development